The following are the teaching principles behind the Teach Neurology blog:
  1. The use of the"patient-up" or an "integrative" approach. 
  2. The use of "real", "virtual" or "hypothetical" case studies. 
  3. A substantial amount of factual background knowledge is required; there are no short-cuts. 
  4. You need to love learning; medicine is a life-long commitment to studying. 
  5. Aim to become a good doctor; try and forget about studying for exams. 
  6. Motivation; you have to be self-motivated and disciplined - you have to do it yourself; it will then have more meaning. 
  7. Share; buddy-up, learn with a parter it will help you both. 
  8. Reinforce your knowledge; become a teacher. 
  9. Practice; there is no substitute for experience. 
  10. Creativity; become a day-dreamer, actor, debater, public-speaker - you will be surprised with the results. 
  11. Be prepared to make mistakes; making a mistake is often the best way to learn something important. 
  12. Understand memory; try new things to maximise its effectiveness. 
  13. Ensure you have the necessary equipment and know how to use it. 
  14. Know what is normal. 
  15. Always think of medicine from an evolutionary perspective; you will be surprised. 
  16. Develop an interest in the history of medicine; it provides context and it will keep you humble. 
  17. Remind yourself how lucky you are to have this wonderful opportunity to learn and the privilege of working in a job that will never be boring and will allow you to make a real difference.